Leave Rules

CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972

(i) Leave cannot be claaimed as a matter of right;

(ii) The Leave Sanctioning authority may;

(a) Refuse or revoke of any kind of leave

(b) But cannot alter the kind of leave due and applied for

(c) Can commute period of absence without any leave into Extra Ordinary Leave (EoL) i.e. if any employee having no leave into his account or absent without taking any leave so authority can commute it into EoL (a type of leave)

(d) Maximum period of continuous leave is five year (except sanctioned from President)

CL lapsed on completion of each Calendar Year.

e.g. any employee entitled for 8 days CL in 2023 and 8 days in 2024. If he availed only 5 days CL in 2023, so 3 CL will be lapsed and in year 2024 he/she entitled for only 8 days.

For Detailed Leave Rules (1972) https://www.gfr.co.in/p/ccs-leave-rule-1972.html