GeM Availability Report

GeM Availability Report
(For purchase items without GeM, need to generate GeM Availability Report) 

(i)-Login to GeM Portal >1. Click to Dashboard>2. Click on GEM AVAILABILITY REPORT

(ii). You can create Manual Report or Bulk Report
3a-Manual Report (for single item)
3b-Bulk Report (for Multiple items)
(iii) For Example: we are looking for single item, name-Operational Amplifier
4. Put the name of Report
5. Put the name of product/item
point 4 & 5 may be same
if item is not available
6. Click 'Did not find the category I am looking for'

(iv)-7. Confirm-Yes

(v)-8. Confirm-I Certify

(vi)-7. Find the GeM availability Report
Download it.