Single Tender Enquiry/ Proprietary Article Certificate [PAC]/ Standarized/Emergent items in GFR

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Single Tender Enquiry

(Proprietary Article Certificate [PAC]Procurement)


In procurement of goods, certain items are procured only from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or manufacturers having proprietary rights (or their authorised dealers/ stockists) against a PAC certificate signed by the appropriate authority.

Both Seller and Purchaser need to submit Proprietary Article Certificate or as per Institue Rule

Sample PDF Form

Sample Web Form

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Single Tender Enquiry

(Without a Proprietary Article Certificate)


For standardization of machinery or components or spare parts to be compatible to the existing sets of machinery/equipment (on the advice of a competent technical expert and approved by the competent authority), the required goods are to be purchased only from a selected firm. (Certificate to be recorded in Annexure III or as per Institute format).

In a case of emergency, the required goods are necessarily to be purchased from a particular source and the reason for such decision is to be recorded and approval of competent authority obtained. (Certificate to be recorded in Annexure II as per Institute format).

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