GFR Outsourcing of Services

GFR-2017 Rule Book for Procurement of Outsourcing or non-consulting Services


Rule Book

Rule-197: "Non-Consulting Service"

Non-Consulting Service means any subject matter of procurement (which as distinguished from 'Consultancy Services'), involve physical, measurable deliverables/ outcomes, where performance standards can be clearly identified and consistently applied, other than goods or works, except those incidental or consequential to the service, and includes maintenance, hiring of vehicle, outsourcing of building facilities management, security, photocopier service, janitor, office errand services, drilling, aerial photography, satellite imagery, mapping etc.

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Rule-198: Procurement of Non-consulting Services

A Ministry or Department may procure certain non-consulting services in the interest of economy and efficiency and it may prescribe detailed instructions and procedures for this purpose without, however, contravening the following basic guidelines.

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Rule-199: Identification of likely contractors

The Ministry or Department should prepare a list of likely and potential contractors on the basis of formal or informal enquiries from other Ministries or Departments and Organisations involved in similar activities, scrutiny of 'Yellow pages', and trade journals, if available, web site etc.

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Rule-200: Preparation of Tender enquiry

Ministry or Department should prepare a tender enquiry containing, inter alia :

(i) The details of the work or service to be performed by the contractor;

(ii) The facilities and the inputs which will be provided to the contractor by the Ministry or Department;

(iii) Eligibility and qualification criteria to be met by the contractor for performing the required work/service; and

(iv) The statutory and contractual obligations to be complied with by the contractor.

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Rule-201: Invitation of Bids

(i) For estimated value of the non-consulting service up to Rupees ten lakhs or less: The Ministry or Department should scrutinise the preliminary list of likely contractors as identified as per Rule 199 above, decide the prima facie Eligible and capable contractors and issue limited tender enquiry to them asking for their offers by a specified date and time etc. as per standard practice. The number of the contractors so identified for issuing limited tender enquiry should be more than three.

(ii) For estimated value of the non-consulting service above Rs.10 lakhs: The Ministry or Department should issue advertisement in such case should be given on Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP)at www.eprocure.gov.in and on GeM. An organisation having its own website should also publish all its advertised tender enquiries on the website. The advertisements for invitation of tenders should give the complete web address from where the bidding documents can be downloaded.

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Rule-202: Late Bids

Late bids i.e. bids received after the specified date and time of receipt should not be considered.

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Rule-203: Evaluation of Bids Received

The Ministry or Department should evaluate, segregate, rank the responsive bids and select the successful bidder for placement of the contract.

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Rule-204: Procurement of Non-consulting services by nomination.

Procurement of Non-consulting services by nomination should it become necessary, in an exceptional situation to procure a non-consulting service from a specifically chosen contractor, the Competent Authority in the Ministry or Department may do so in consultation with the Financial Adviser. In such cases the detailed justification, the circumstances leading to such procurement by choice and the special interest or purpose it shall serve, shall form an integral part of the proposal

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Rule-205: Monitoring the Contract

The Ministry or Department should be involved throughout in the conduct of the contract and continuously monitor the performance of the contractor.

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Rule-206: Any circumstances which are not covered

Any circumstances which are not covered in Rule 198 to Rule 205 for procurement of non-consulting services, the procuring entity may refer Rule 135 to Rule 176 pertaining to procurement of goods and not to the procurement of consulting services.

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