GFR-2017: Limited Tender Enquiry

Limited Tender Enquiry

Estimated value of the goods to be procured is up to Rupees Twenty five Lakhs

Rule 162 Limited Tender Enquiry

(i)                      This method may be adopted when estimated value of the goods to be procured is up to Rupees Twenty five Lakhs. Copies of the bidding document should be sent directly by speed post/registered post/courier/ email to firms which are borne on the list of registered suppliers for the goods in question as referred under Rule 150 above. The number of supplier firms in Limited Tender Enquiry should be more than three. Efforts should be made to identify a higher number of approved suppliers to obtain more responsive bids on competitive basis. Further, an organisation should publish its limited tender enquiries on Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) as per Rule 159. Apart from CPPP, the organisations should publish the tender enquiries on the Department's or Ministry's web site.

(ii)                   The unsolicited bids should not be accepted. However Ministries/ Departments should evolve a system by which interested firms can register and bid in next round of tendering.

(iii)                 Purchase through Limited Tender Enquiry may be adopted even where the estimated value of the procurement is more than Rupees twenty-five Lakhs, in the following circumstances.

(a) The competent authority in the Ministry or Department certifies that the demand is urgent and any additional expenditure involved by not procuring through advertised tender enquiry is justified in view of urgency. The Ministry or Department should also put on record the nature of the urgency and reasons why the procurement could not be anticipated.

(b) There are sufficient reasons, to be recorded in writing by the competent authority, indicating that it will not be in public interest to procure the goods through advertised tender enquiry.

(c) The sources of supply are definitely known and possibility of fresh source(s) beyond those being tapped is remote.

(iv)                 Sufficient time should be allowed for submission of bids in Limited Tender Enquiry cases.