GFR-2017: Advertised Tender Enquiry

 Advertised Tender Enquiry

Rule161 Advertised Tender Enquiry

(i)                      Subject to exceptions incorporated under Rule154, 155,162 and 166, invitation to tenders by advertisement should be used for procurement of goods of estimated value of Rs. 25 lakhs (Rupees Twenty Five Lakh) and above. Advertisement in such cases should be given on Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) at www.eprocure.gov.in and on GeM. An organisation having its own website should also publish all its advertised tender enquiries on the website.

(ii)                   The organisation should also post the complete bidding document in its website and on CPPP to enable prospective bidders to make use of the document by downloading from the web site.

(iii)                 The advertisements for invitation of tenders should give the complete web address from where the bidding documents can be downloaded.

(iv)                 [Global Tender Enquiry (GTE):

(a) Where the Ministry or Department feels that the goods of the required quality, specifications etc., may not be available in the country and it is necessary to also look for suitable competitive offers from abroad, the Ministry or Department may send copies of the tender notice to the Indian Embassies abroad as well as to the Foreign Embassies in India. The selection of embassies will depend on the possibility of availability of the required goods in such countries. In such cases e-procurement as per Rule 160 may not be insisted.

(b) No Global Tender Enquiry (GTE), however shall be invited for tenders up to Rs 200 crore or such limit as may be prescribed by the Department of Expenditure from time to time. Provided that for tenders below such limit, in exceptional cases, where the Ministry or Department feels that there are special reasons for GTE, it may record its detailed justification and seek prior approval for relaxation to the above rule from the Competent Authority specified by the Department of Expenditure.]

(Amended vide DoE OM No. F.12/17/2019-PPD dated 15.05.2020.)

(v)                    In order to promote wider participation and ease of bidding, no cost of tender document may be charged for the tender documents downloaded by the bidders.

(vi)                 Ordinarily, the minimum time to be allowed for submission of bids should be three weeks from the date of publication of the tender notice or availability of the bidding document for sale, whichever is later. Where the Department also contemplates obtaining bids from abroad, the minimum period should be kept as four weeks for both domestic and foreign bidders.