(Cumulative Professional Development Allowance)

* Rs. 3 Lakh for the block of 3 years (Rs 1 Lakh per year).
* Can be utilized as
reimbursement basis for conference, membership fee, and contingent expenses.
* Entitlement of Pro-rata basis also.
* Out of Rs. 3 Lakh in a block, upto Rs. 1 Lakh may be spent on
stationary, computer related consumables, computer peripherals, instrument repairing, minor instruments (not permanent types), books, software, chemicals with limit of Rs. 35,000/- for first and second year.
* List of items permitted under
computer peripherals:-
1. Graphic Card, Ethernet Card, 2. SMPS, 3. USB Cable, 4.
Keyboard, Mouse, RAM, Motherboard, 5. Hard Disk (External/Internal), Pen Drive, CD ROM,6. Cartridge, Cartridge Toner, 7. Antivirus, Software, 8. Software (for installation in computers only), 9. UPS/UPS battery for desktop.

(CPDA Utilization Process)